Monday, September 26, 2011

Plants VS Zombies

Have you tried this game? Plants VS Zombies is fun, addictive and GOOD TRAINING. Seriously, there is a good life lesson going on in the little pixelated world.

The zombies are coming after you! You can hear them across the street breaking down the fence. You're hiding in your house unsure of what to do!!! AHA!! PLANT THINGS!! Plants keep the zombies away. It's true. Oh sure in the scheme of the game it's because they pop out of the ground and start firing and fighting off the impending doom, but let's take a look at my and your every day life here.

You know the zombies get closer to you the worse you treat your body. So if you eat junk and stagnate, they tend to catch up quickly. If you aren't careful, they will grab hold of you and turn you into a mindless eating machine just like they are. This is undesireable, trust me. If you don't trust me, watch any one of the million zombie movies on the market these days. You don't want to become one of these. Agreed? Good.

So what do you do? First of all. Go outside. Plant something! Did you know gardening if one of the best activities you can do? I didn't know this. Apparently though, it gently works pretty much your entire body. Now, gently is a relative term here. If you don't move at all and then throw yourself headlong into gardening, you're going to hurt the next day, lets be honest here. But like starting any other new activity, take it slow and build up your stamina for it. Then, not only are you working your body, making it stronger and leaner, you will have something either delicious or beautiful to show for it. In many cases, it will be beautiful AND delicious.

Those plants you put in your yard will absolutely help you keep the zombie horde away. Eating fresh natural things helps you put up a temporary shield against the zombies. It doesn't last unless you keep fueling it with healthy fresh things though. And the act of gardening, gives you the stamina and fitness to outrun though buggers when they come calling. They will come calling! So think about it...

There's a Zombie on your lawn! There's a zombie on your lawn! There's a zombie on the lawn, we don't want zombies on the lawn!