Monday, September 20, 2010

OMG stop TIME!

Where is this month going!? Seriously!? I feel like I get up, the day whirlwinds around me, and then I am in bed again. I am negletting my poor blog and my awesome readers! I am not getting to read the blogs I love to follow! I have missed the last two blog hops! What the heck is going on here?

Is this some kind of mutant zombie ploy to catch me unaware? I have news for you ZOMBIES... I may be busy and kind of confused, but I'm not gullible!

On that note. A Success. I lost 2 lbs! Hurray! This is a huge success since i haven't been to the gym in about a month now. I just cannot fathom where the hours are going?

I love my bodybugg. It's seriously amazing. I'm getting off to a slow start, but it just feels GOOD. I feel like I am doing it. That is the important thing right?

Also, TheEducatedRabbit and I have been talking about schedule and routine a lot the last few days. We need one badly. We haven't had a good solid schedule in a year since he was laid off. So many things are suffering because of it. As it turns out, kids aren't the only ones who flourish with a routine. So we will be working on implementing one. It is going to help so much with cleaning, exercising, eating properly, and generally just feeling really good.

Now off to read some of the blogs I have been missing!!

PS. If you are following my blog and I haven't followed yours yet, please leave me a comment and let me know so I can hop over there and do so!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The zombies have not eaten me!

No they have not. I have succeeded in thwarting them! So you might ask, where have I been? Well my best friend was here for a week visiting. I don't go online when she is here because my computers are also in the guest room. We've decided the cardinal rule is to never wake a lseeping baby and as her little man is growing every day, he needs a lot of sleep. It's better to just unplug while she is here. :)

I will admit there was temptation. In celebration of the visit, we baked a tray of brownies. We don't get to see each other nearly often enough. But I am proud to say it took us the entire week to eat them.

This is a huge achievement when not too long we would have polished the tray off the same night we baked it. I'm really proud.

Also, I have lost 2 lbs! Hurray! That is pretty awesome for not having been to the gym in almost a month. I miss it fiercely.

I am waiting for a phone call to have my Bodybugg coaching session this afternoon. Then, since the weather is actually nice today, I think I am going to go to the track. I might alternate days at the Y with days at the track now that the weather is turning nicer. I do love walking outside.

I am also hoping to be back to regular posting. I do have some dates coming up that I will be offline again as I don't have a mobile blogging device of any kind. This weekend I have a day away at my Aunt and Uncle's house, and the following weekend I will be away for a wedding.

It will be a good test of my new WANT power. It's all good practice. Progress is slow, but I'm learning quite a lot.

PS... I am so behind on everyone's blog. I will be trying to catch up!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


over the last few days I have been fighting the dread beast. No, I don't mean the zombies. Once you get past the infected brain eating nature of them, they are relatively easy to handle. Blow them up or run the heck away!

I'm talking about Laundry. The beast is immortal. Sure, you might kill it for a time, but it always rises again! It's like some stinky clothes phoenix without the cool flames and healing properties.

Well, we do not have our own washer and dryer. It is a long story that I shan't get into right now... I might cry.

We do our laundry at my parents house. Most of the time we are in maintain mode. So we ALWAYS have a pile or two... Or five... of laundry about. However, when my parents go on a trip, we commandeer their house and get all of the laundry done!

I've been scarce the last few days because I am trying to tame this beast.. for now. Also, we have company coming over the weekend! So naturally, I need to clean my house too. The good news is. I am doing pretty well with eating and burning over 2000 calories a day total. My deficits aren't nearly the 750 they need to be yet, but they ARE deficits.

As soon as I get my butt in gear and back to the gym it's going to totally rock! I'm doing well at writing my food down, just not importing it into the BB website. I'm still trying to find the easiest way of doing that. It takes me a couple of hours to input a days worth of food right now and that is just too much time.

Sooooo that is that!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bodybugg Day 3

This is the information for the 3rd. I didn't track yesterday. I wrote it all down on paper, but I didn't enter it. It was an emotional eating day yesterday. We all have them. I am going to just stick my chin out and realize it happens and move on.

9/3 calories consumed 2319
Calories burned 2336
Calories deficit 17

Well at least it was a defecit. Part of the reason the calories are so high, is the emotional eating actually started the night of the 3rd. There's a couple of scoops of ice cream in there. But I am paying for the naughty food with a very upset stomach today. And honestly, I am ready to feel better by eating better. Tomorrow's numbers should be much better.

A question for you. How do you go about tracking your food. Do you use the bodybugg site? So you use another site like spark and do the math yourself?

I find the bodybugg tracker very restricting after using the sparkpeople one. I want the best results though. What do you do?

Friday, September 3, 2010

BodyBugg Day 2

Yesterday I recorded all of my food for the day (it was a light eating day for me) and I wore my bodybugg for the entire day (minus the time to shower) Here are my results.

Calories Consumed 1300
Calories Burned 2622
Calorie Deficit 1322

Wow. That's amazing for me to see. That short walk I have been doing during the day is actually making a nice difference. I am starting to feel a bit stronger for it. Next week it's back to the Y.

I am going to walk all over those Zombies!!

Also. It is time to tame the yard outside. I live in a jungle. Our yard isn't grass. It is shrubbery and wilderness. It's the rainy season here, which means everything is growing rampant. We also do not have a lawnmower. So the plant life in the yard is well over my head. We do however, have a machete. This is a prime weapon for exterminating both zombies and weeds.

When the horde comes, don't reach for a katana... reach for the machete. Seriously.

But it is time to tackle the yard anyway. There are too many hiding places for the denizens of the undead. And I think I would like to perhaps clear a designated spot to try gardening again. The zombie apocalypse shall not stop me from having fresh veg.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BodyBugg Day 1

Okay. Today was a slow start. i am still getting used to wearing the body bugg. I'm having difficulty finding the correct tightness between kind of uncomfortable and sliding off. I'll get it. I'm sure of that, but it's frustrating today. Also, I am still sick. However, because I have decided I am going to win this war over the fatness, I got up and went for a short walk. It was only to the mail box ans back, but I got up and did it. I also didn't record food because it was the end of the day before it suddenly dawned on me.. DUH. I need to weight and measure things again.

BUT I burned nearly 2000 calories doing nothing today. That is a bit of an eye opener. Anyway, tomorrow will be awesome and I will be able to update you on my progress!