Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Yesterday was Halloween. It was also Monday. Monday’s around here are weigh in days. I was very excited for this one, because my mid week weight check showed me being down 2lbs. However, Halloween being home to Tricks or Treats… I did not lose 2lbs. I did however lose .6lbs. The really exciting part is that .6 brought me to a total of 15% of my body weight lost since I started this. Fifteen percent!? That is amazing if I do say so myself. That is 42.lbs lost. I’ve carried my dog’s food into the house and it comes in 25lb packages. THAT IS HEAVY. I’ve lost nearly 2 of them. Wow.

As I said, yesterday was Halloween. It is my absolute favorite holiday of the year next to my birthday. So I had candy. Oh boy the candy. I also made an amazing beef stew for dinner. Then of course there was popcorn for watching scary haunted house things on TV. Well at the end of the day, do you know what I did?

I entered all of my points. I knew it was going to be over, and the number was probably going to be scary, but I did it. Because I am vowing to not miss days recording food. I went 5 months without missing a day recording food and then the lazies began to set in. Well I don’t have time for them. No more lazies.

The damage? 60pts used yesterday. My magic number is 34. You know what? Those points were delicious and I felt completely spoiled and decadent. I’m reading to have an amazingly healthy month. I hope your Halloween was joyous, and if you like me indulged in candy… I hope you don’t feel guilty or like you failed. Just get right back to your healthy routine. Those high point days are apart of life. Enjoy them, and then relish in the feeling of having a delightfully healthy day afterwards. It’s really quite amazing.

PS… I saw no zombies yesterday… weird for Halloween.