Thursday, May 27, 2010


I seriously need to work on my willpower. Umm... I was perfect until dinner time...


The zombies are so coming after me with with cheese....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today was a good day. I seriously feel like I can do this. It happened when I was running actually. I completed another day of week 1 C25K. I am so proud of myself. I even preformed better than I had last week. I walked at a 2.5 for the entire time, and 5 of my running sessions were at 3.0 and 3 of them were at 3.2.

Something just happened when I was running. Something inside me just changed. I was running along listening to my podcast on my MP3 player and suddenly I could feel this smile on my face. I was huffing and puffing and sweating and SMILING? There was this transformation going on inside my head. I saw myself running as I was, but the treadmill just kept on going and going. As I ran forward I would run out of my old body and my new body would be a little stronger, a little sleeker, and little more healthy looking, and It wold happen again and again. The feeling was so exhilarating. It certainly for me over the hard parts.

I think I will be ready for week 2 sooner than I anticipated!

Food Photo Journal Random

I have not yet gotten very good at remembering to photograph my food Since I have been back. There is so much going on this week!!! Now would be a bad time for the zombie invasion, just saying.

BUT, here are pictures of food I have eaten over the last few days. I will get better at this. In fact, I think tomorrow will be the day I am back on track with my food photographing.

A quote

A man who wants something will find a way; a man who doesn't will find an excuse.
~ Stephan Dolley Jr.

I think I've been truly coming to terms with this lately. I've come to realize that so may of the 'reasons' I've been saying I can't do something, are actually excuses. It really hit home when I ran my first day of c25k. I thought I was too big and too out of shape to do it. I thought my legs weren't strong enough or I didn't have the right clothing to do it. I wanted it so badly that I did it anyway.

I've been finding a few excuses over the last few days to not go run. I even had one or two reasons tossed in there. I want this so badly though, that I'll find a way today. Today I will run. Today I will do another day and I will get stronger and better and faster.

I am working towards Monday when I hope to see results on the scale. I know that once I complete what I set out to do, I'll already feel results inside myself.

But you know, it's still nice to see it on the scale. ;)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zombies in my Dreams!

I dreamed of zombies last night. It wasn't particularly frightening, they are after all very slow. It was pretty gross though.. eww.

I indeed missed my run yesterday due to illness and muscle fatigue. However, I will be going tomorrow. My Educated Rabbit really needs another day before he can be out and about in the world.

I did take photo's of food yesterday, and I realize my food choices weren't great. However, we're running precariously low on food right now. Well that isn't exactly true. We're running low on healthy food. So right now we're in a situation to make due with what we have. We haven't been able to hit the grocery store yet.

Oh I did discover, that Edy's make an ice-cream that is lower fat and calories than full fat ice-cream. I day lower calorie and fat because it's not LOW fat. Anyway, I tried their Rocky Road and it's fantastic!! Also, they have a frozen yogurt line and we tried the Praline with Caramel and it was amazing.

I cannot let the undead take over the world, they have no need for frozen treats. They don't even have need for electricity! I cannot let sweet creamy goodness be jeopardized! I simply MUST go to the gym tomorrow!

Friday, May 21, 2010


"If you tell her she's beautiful, she'll think you're sweet, but she won't believe you. She knows that beauty lies in your beholding. You show her she is beautiful. You make mirrors of your eyes, prayers of your hands against her body. Suddenly the story she tells herself in her own head changes. She transforms. She isn't seen as beautiful. She is beautiful, seen." ~ Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind.
You know... not only do I want my lover to see me this way (which he does) but I also want to feel this way about myself. THAT I am still working on. But positive changes have been happening and though this weekend has gone a bit screwy, I am doing my best to remain on track.

Despite my best intentions, I am not going running this morning. I am bringing my running things with me, and will see if I can sneak it in. But, since I am helping a friend move over the weekend, I think I'll get my workout anyway. Then it's right back to the gym on Monday.

Now that I have a taste of success and can say I completed one day of C25K, I want to be able to day I completed a week.

After-all, the savior of the world and destructor of undead things doesn't give up! Not this girl...

Now where are my running shoes....
and my shotgun....

ETA: I WANT this shirt!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stress - It's a Killer...

Stress is not good for my appetite. It either makes me eat like crazy, or forget to eat. That latter is the case this time.

It's not even super stressful stress. I mean if I actually DID have to run from the zombies, I could understand the lack of appetite. But seriously, it's just arranging times, getting laundry and dishes done, and letting people know when I'll be around.


Yes I completely forgot about eating. Thankfully my wonderful husband is in the process of fixing this faux pas and making me lunch.

Though.. for future though... zombies = no appetite.. because eww.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Photo Food Blog 5/19/10

1c cinnamon toasters
1 banana
1 strawberry
1c unsweetened vanilla almond milk

2 slices of bread
1tbs mayo
turkey breast
1 really large pickle
1c french onion soup
1oz mozz cheese

Brussel Sprouts (my favorite!!!)
1 hamburger bun
Sloppy Joe
Seasoned fench fries
1 can rootbeer

Disclaimer... I went back for seconds...

Food Photo Blog 5/17/10


1c Scooters
.5 banana
3 lg strawberries
1c unsweetened vanilla almond milk


1 sandwich -
2 slices bread
2 slices turkey
baby spinach leaves
sliced cucumber
sliced tomato

salad -
green beans

peppercorn ranch

Progresso Tuscany Soup


Mixed vegetables stir fried in 1tbsp coconut oil
Stuffed Rice ball -
aprox 1 cup rice
1 oz chicken
.06c craisins
.17 banana

Garlic hoisin sauce
soy sauce

Running Running Running!!

Well I did it! I got my tushy up off the couch and actually got moving. I know there was no post yesterday, but I was THINKING about posting. I didn't succumb to the legions of the night or anything.

Actually, it was a meh, day as far as the journey to better health. The journey to saving the world however made some progress. My best friend is going through some tough times right now, and I spent the morning talking to her and doing my best to offer council and just be an ear. The rest of the day was spent with our Role-playing group defeating legions of the night in character.

I remembered to take a photo of my brunch, but dinner and dessert got lost in the shuffle. So no picture blog for yesterday. However, I am right on track with taking photos today. Also, I will post the photo's from the other day also. I took them all, I was just too tired to post before bed.

Okay, All caught up from yesterday? Good. Moving on!

Today I had a good healthy breakfast but was waffling about pretty heavily about doing any kind of exercise. I really wanted to keep my commitment to myself to continue with the C25K program, but I was feeling so lazy. I was hesitant to voice this to my husband, The Educated Rabbit, because I think deep inside I knew he would make me -DO- something. I made myself tell him how I was feeling. He told me to put my shoes on and he would take me to the gym.

So I put my good awesome running shoes on and got ready to go. I nearly lost my motivation again. Well how about I stop lying right there. I LOST my motivation again. He sat down to write a post he needed to get off his chest and I lost all willpower to make the best of the day. I told him I didn't want to go. I gave him my best wifey doe eyes... you know these eyes. These are the eyes Puss in Boots pulls on you before he whips out his rapier and pierces you through the earlobe or something.

He reminded me of the promise I asked him to make. When I was feeling strong I told him how important this journey was to me. (Afterall, ::shuffle shuffle.... bbbrrraaaiiinnnsss.... shuffle shuffle:: is not a good way to spend eternity) He reminded me how I want to be able to look in the mirror and think "Wow!". He reminded me that he made me a promise that he would help me keep my commitments to myself. And he told me to get in the car. We went to the gym.

I am so thankful for him. I grabbed my MP3 player and off we went. Do you know what? Do you!?

I completed Day 1 Week 1 of C25K! I completed it! I actually did! I am so proud of myself! It's a slow start. I did set the treadmill to 2.5 for my initial walk, then did the first couple intervals at a run 3.0 and a walk 2.5. After that I thought I was going to pass out. It was so hard. I thought in my head.. I NEED TO STOP!!! And this little voice... this little strong voice quietly whispered... I don't want to stop... and I listened to the whisper and realized that was the real me. That was the me who wanted to succeed. So I didn't stop. I did the next four intervals at a run 2.5 and a walk 2.0. Then for the final two intervals, when I was sweating my rearend off and huffing and puffing, I did them at a run 3.0 walk 2.0. I did finish off my 5 minute walk at a 2.0 and then did some additional time at a 1.0. All in all distance wise I did 1.25 miles. Eventually the program will get me up to 3.1 miles, a 5K, within 30 minutes. I am so proud of my progress though. Really really proud. I think I deserve a sticker...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Facing Fear In the FACE...

... also known as... Training to Run Away Really Fast!!!

I've made a decision. I've been waffling along trying to decide how committed I am at this time to getting back into a working out schedule. I loved how I felt when I was doing it. I loved the weight loss results from doing it. Really, I was coming up with EXCUSES... not REASONS... for not doing it. So in light of facing ones fears, and not being LAZY... I have decided to start the C25K program.

That is COUCH to 5K for those not in the know. So when the zombies break into your house and start shambling towards you where you sit watching whatever you managed to grab on Tivo... you have the skills and the stamina to jump from said sofa... scream the explicative of your choice... and RUN THE HECK AWAY!

So root for me!

I've wanted to be a runner for a long time. I even started not too long ago. I just gave into the laziness. But I was making good progress. So tonight I am going to give it a good honest go. I can do this. I know I can.

I'll report back with progress.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

No Food Blog Today

Alright so I wish I had a great excuse for this. It would be so much cooler if I could show up here and tell you how I looked out the window and five thousand crows were perched on he power lines. So I had to spend the day blocking windows and covering vents to the outside because we suddenly had an invasion of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds... that would be cooler...

But no. The truth of it is, I forgot to take a photo of breakfast before I started. So I have a photo of what was left on my plate when I finished. Then, I was terrible and skipped lunch. To end it all, hubby took me out to dinner.

Eek... how naughty I was at dinner is fodder for another post..

::shuffle shuffle... bbbbbrrrrrrraaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnsssssss... shuffle shuffle::

Photo Food Blog 5/15/10

1c. Corn Flakes
86g Strawberries
105g Banana1c Almond Milk

4.8 oz Hamburger
86g baby carrots
1 tbsp peppercorn ranch
1 hamburger bun1 oz pickle
1 tbsp ketchup
1 tbsp mustard
1 slice tomato
1 slice onion

Snack: not pictured.
4 oreo

8 English Muffin Pizza's
(Next time I will record amount of toppings. I forgot until it was too late this time)

Snack: not pictured.
6 oreo
3 chocolate Covered Graham Crackers
1/2 c fat free milk

I realize the snacks are tipping the scale in the unhealthy direction. But I'm not about to just throw the stuff out so it's going to get eaten. But as it does I will be replacing them with healthier alternatives.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Food Photo Journal

I have decided to keep a photo journal of what I am eating. After all, looking at a corn dog over and over again is a sure fire way to make sure I don't actually eat any.

My first photo food blog will appear here at the end of the evening. I have already photographed breakfast. It was actually tasty and healthy. Who would have thunk it! I'm getting hungry... time to start thinking about what is for lunch...

Vampire Proof Walking

I made progress yesterday. I went out walking again. This is the third time this week which means I may be developing some kind of pattern. This is fantastic!

It was also the most vampire proof walk I have ever gone on. I made the ridiculous mistake in timing and chose to walk during a part of the day that would probably have melted the blob in it's tracks. However, with the sun blazing so hot overhead, there was absolutely no chance of a vampire attack. Therefor, I left my kneecap shooter at home. I didn't need to be carrying the extra bulk anyway.

Yesterday I also managed to make it to the one and a half mile mark. The two previous walks this week have both been one mile. How about that? I also made a discovery on that walk...

Turtles shall be the only creatures to survive the zombie apocalypse. Seriously. There was this big fat turtle crossing the road while I was out walking. (It sounds like there is a joke thinly veiled there) It's true. They move just fast enough they would probably easily keep pace with the shuffling horde. Being way down on the ground however, a zombie would need to stop and kneel to get at it.

... Have you ever seen the brainless undead try and coordinate the kneeling positions? Of course you haven't! What a laugh. They would naturally fall on their faces, mouth first. The turtle naturally would have skirted himself forward, or just tucked himself up into his house. At this point (assuming the turtle moved on) the zombie then needs to get himself to his feet and shuffle on. On the rare occasion that the turtle needed rest, he would simply curl up inside his home and the zombies would never reason out how to extricate the turtle.

And thus, the only creature to survive the apocalypse... (other than me of course at the end of this journey)

We did however see the this kicking hugely fat caterpillar that I think was running faster than I can. So he's a contender...

Friday, May 14, 2010


I lost four pounds this week by shooting the kneecaps off of vampires!

Do I have your attention? Good. No, no, it's not true. I haven't lost any weight yet, and I have not engaged in kneecap busting drama with the blood sucking undead. Not YET!

In fact, at this point in time, I have a very long way to go. My starting weight is almost 278lbs. For a chick of not even five feet, this is pretty outrageous! On a grand scale of outrunning the zombie horde I rank somewhere around...

:shuffle shuffle: Brrrraaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnnsssssssssssss....... :shuffle shuffle:

But that's alright. Because I have learned the first step in outrunning the horde is to avoid corn-dogs! I have this on good authority as zombies are attracted to corn-dogs. As I have no intention of becoming a zombie, or staying a fat chick, I think avoiding corn-dogs is a good first move.

So, to keep myself motivated, I thought I would chronicle my adventures here. Lets face it, I would rather jump over here and write about how the exercise and eating adventure is going then say... hop on a treadmill with a crazed cannibal behind me. I mean seriously... I like when my butt is stared at, but I would prefer the guy not be thinking... "Wow! That would go good with cheese..."

So I am sure this isn't all going to be fun and games, but Darn it, most of it should be. I don't subscribe to the whole... 'getting healthy should be hard and make you miserable' school of thought. I mean if that is the case, why would anyone do it? I wonder these things.

Anyway, this is my intro post to the dashing and daring quest to fight fat cells, sweat a lot and conquer the things that go bump in the night.... or in this case...

:shuffle shuffle: Brrrraaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnnsssssssssssss....... :shuffle shuffle: