Saturday, December 3, 2011


No. I haven’t actually vanished. I just haven’t felt as though I have had much to share. I certainly haven’t had much in the way of positive things to share.

The truth is, around the end of October, I completely fell off the wagon. This is the wagon that helps keep you in front of the zombie horde. I mean, we can’t walk/jog/run 24/7 now can we? So for a short while, they got their mangy decrepit mitts on me. Now, when you are on the wagon, instead of walking, it’s because you’re already tired. So, being tired already, I didn’t do a fantastic job of staying ahead of them.

I haven’t been gobbled up. No fear! I was however, chewed upon a bit. I would rally myself together and make a lunge for the wagon. I caught up to it! Each time I tried to hoist myself back onto it though, I would fall on my face in the mud. Falling on your face when you are outrunning the zombie horde presents a distinct advantage for the zombies.

The zombies, would then catch up, and we would start the whole process over again. This lasted all through the month of November. Consequently, my weight fluctuated up and down, but never really getting any lower than the start of October. I began to lose faith in what I was doing. As I call it, the honey moon period of the diet was over. It didn’t become hard. I got bored. I got bored of recording and measuring everything. Also, things that in previous months I had NO TROUBLE at all deciding that I didn’t want because they weren’t good for me, were suddenly irresistible.

I admit it, I was in a downward spiral.  My best friend finally intervened. She told me… HEY STOP BEING DUMB… only not in those words. And I suddenly though… hey, I should stop being dumb. I recorded my food. I stayed within points. Last night I had a bad evening and I did some really bad binge eating in the middle of the night. This morning when I got up, I recorded it all. I’ve planned my eating for the rest of the day around the excess points I spent in the middle of the night.

I have finally hoisted myself back onto the wagon.

So here I am. Resting my legs as I continue on the journey to outpace, out maneuver and outwit the zombie horde. I’m writing my blog so you can share my adventures with me. I how to write more often, and to have encouraging things to say. On that note, is there anything you would like to know? About me? My weight watchers experience? The zombies at large? What socks I’m wearing etc?