Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zombies in my Dreams!

I dreamed of zombies last night. It wasn't particularly frightening, they are after all very slow. It was pretty gross though.. eww.

I indeed missed my run yesterday due to illness and muscle fatigue. However, I will be going tomorrow. My Educated Rabbit really needs another day before he can be out and about in the world.

I did take photo's of food yesterday, and I realize my food choices weren't great. However, we're running precariously low on food right now. Well that isn't exactly true. We're running low on healthy food. So right now we're in a situation to make due with what we have. We haven't been able to hit the grocery store yet.

Oh I did discover, that Edy's make an ice-cream that is lower fat and calories than full fat ice-cream. I day lower calorie and fat because it's not LOW fat. Anyway, I tried their Rocky Road and it's fantastic!! Also, they have a frozen yogurt line and we tried the Praline with Caramel and it was amazing.

I cannot let the undead take over the world, they have no need for frozen treats. They don't even have need for electricity! I cannot let sweet creamy goodness be jeopardized! I simply MUST go to the gym tomorrow!


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