Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chinese Food

I am still celebrating being down nearly 20lbs. I can actually see it when I look in the mirror. Sometimes I can even see it in my face which is exciting. Yesterday I went over on my daily points.

Mom and Dad treated us to Chinese food for dinner. I had it all planned out. I was going to eat half, and save half for today. It was all working perfectly. However, yesterday was a bad day for me. My computer is possessed, my body is malfunctioning and I’m taking care of a dog with a bladder infection and a cat with separation anxiety.

I broke down and ate the rest of the Chinese food. Whew… 28pts in Chinese. It out me over for the day. But I started to think about it. Sometimes life hits you and you need comfort food. I was lucky enough to have Chinese. Sometimes when you need comfort food, all you have is carrot sticks and you need to make that work too. That is one of the things that is kind of awesome about Weight Watchers.


Fat Girl vs. World said...

You know what's a good replacement for comfort food?

Just plain comfort.

Reaching out to people and waiting out the discomfort. Or reaching into yourself and naming the things that are causing you strife.

The food does nothing to fix the problem, it just masks it.

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