Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Still fighting the good fight

In case you were wondering,  (And I know you were) I’m still out here. I’ve ben neglecting my blog as of late. The funny thing about that is, I feel like I have a million things to say. Somehow when I sit down here to write them though, my fingers don’t move and my churning thoughts come to rest.

Its almost Halloween! I should be brimming with Zombie humor and insight. But as it turns out lately I am very emotional and struggling each day to get by. There isn’t a major catastrophe going on or anything, but sometimes life just comes at you hard and fast.

I’m still looking for work. Our unemployment has run out and as it happens, the bills are piling up. I do have a pretty good shot at this one place though. More details on that when I have them. Hubby DID manage to get a job… but it’s far from the amount of hours we need right now. He works 1 day this week. I’m hoping that will get better as the season goes on.

We had plans to move this January. We’re really extremely excited about the move. We love the place we are trying to move to, and it’s ten minutes from the beach. I am so excited about this I don’t even know if I have the words. But, the money just isn’t going to be there. We are very hopeful that the classes hubby is attending right now will lead to work, but if they do, that means not moving until June. Well even if they don’t it means not moving until June anyway because of lack of funds.

My poor puppy has been in and out of the vet this past month with various things wrong. No worries though, all her skin is intact and she doesn’t smell like a rotting tomato or anything. She hasn’t succumbed to the zombie plague.

So, that’s just a little background on what my life looks like right now.

The good news is that I seem to have managed to break the ‘gain a week, lose a week, gain a week’ cycle I was on. I’ve not lost three weeks in a row. They are small losses but I will take them. I’m excited to be able to report that the 22 pants I was so excited to fit into, are becoming lose. I can slide them down without unbuttoning them. Smile I’m getting close to that prize dress I have hanging on the back of my bedroom door.

Eating is being a problem this week. I dropped down to 34 points. I think I am subconsciously rebelling against this number or something. For some reason it is so much harder to stay below than 35 was. And I’m not going over by just 1 point either. So I need to figure out what my issue with that is. I really think I am just dealing with a lot of things mentally right now and I am somehow acting out against myself.

So I don’t have great triumphant things to write about right now. But maybe if I share what I am going through, I’ll be able to touch someone else going through the same thing. Sometimes knowing you aren’t alone is really half the battle. Remember when avoiding the zombies and surviving the horde, have a buddy. Watch each other’s back.


Sandelightful said...

I think writing about it all is, in itself, triumphant. Getting it out and sharing it is a huge step towards beating it, whatever the issue may be. <3

Crystal said...

Why thank you m'dear!

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