Friday, October 14, 2011

Up and Down

Hi there. It’s been a little while since I’ve updated the Zombie blog here. Sorry about that. It isn’t that I haven’t wanted to write, but sometimes I lack inspiration. I don’t always have exciting zombie filled action to talk about.

Lately things have been a little rocks. I’m still losing, so that is really good. It’s been an up and down battle for a month or so now though. I’ll lose a little, and then the following week gain, and then take a week or two to lose more, and then gain… etc. I’ve been trying to watch my eating habits and how my activity points are adding up.

My activity definitely goes in an up and down pattern also. So that is part of it right there. Also, my eating fluctuates based on when in the month it is. At the beginning of the month we have food stamps, so we can go and do a big shopping trip and stock up on fresh healthy wonderful things. By the end of the month, things are tight and we’re eating less healthy and more possessed.

We’ve had the house to ourselves for most of this week though, so up until last night eating has gone really well. I’ve been enjoying mostly soup and salad for dinner and it has been making my tummy sing! Last night however, I got hit with the urge for hot dogs. Oh heavens the hot dogs.

Zombies are almost as attracted to hot dogs as they are to corn dogs. Our street has been zombie clear for a little while now, but last night I could see them coming. They could smell those hot dogs, man. They could tell I was getting fatter just sitting there. There was one trying to get on the porch and he had a chefs hat on. I hid the relish… I don’t want to give them ideas.

So, today it is back on track to try and have a good sowing for my weigh in on Monday. Some days I feel so confident about everything. Some days, not so much. It’s also very apparent, that eating is so linked to my emotional states. I mean, I know this. I think most of us do. I have however been able to watch the cycles lately though. This is a really stressful time right now. There are –things- happening in the background which I’ll bring to the foreground once I am a little bit more sure of them. These things however have me under a lot of stress. Stress makes me craze sweet things, it also makes me rebel in a strange way against doing things that are good for me.

I don’t understand why this happens, but at least I can watch for it. There are some hard decisions being made right now, and sometimes when that happens, I just want a hot dog. Or as the case may be lately… chocolate or a cookie. I just need to find that strength to reach inside and say… Okay, girl… I know. But come now, you know you want –THIS- more.


Sandelightful said...

WANT power!
You have been doing so amazingly! I know it can sometimes be discouraging when the scale fluctuates, and you know the reason why, but often don't have 100% control over that reason...but that is all going to change soon.

So, until then, try this - when you are craving something, like hot dogs for example, just ask yourself - Would you rather wear a dress made of hot dogs, or a dress in the single digits. I bet the single digits win every single time, because really, unless you are Lady Gaga, who wants to wear a dress made of meat? Also, hello, hot dog dress!? That's like zombie bait!

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

I stopped by your blog last night, but didn't get time to comment. Guess what I dreamt about last night? ZOMBIES! haha

Hang in there and keep the zombies away!

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