Sunday, November 4, 2012

Survival Guide

I'm excited for tomorrow. I will be setting up my resource book. I have a binder that I keep my meal plans in that I subscribe to. It needs updating badly. Tomorrow I'll be printing out all of the materials I am behind in and make sure they get into a book. I notice that I eat much better and my portions are in better control when I use a meal plan. Also, I have a small books worth of healthy eating/living information that I want to have all in one accessible place. I'll be printing that out also and putting it all together in a binder. Very soon, I also want to put together my visual goal poster. I've never *really* grasped the concept of these things. So the approach I am taking is to put things up there that remind me of my journey and why I am on it. Sometimes, I need those things to stare me in the face.

I also find, that when it comes to reading materials, I read better and more attentively when it isn't on a screen. This is one of the reasons that I want it all printed out for me. I should clarify, not on a computer screen. I have no issues at all reading on my Nook. I guess what it boils down to, is I am starting my own survival guide. I already record my food online on WW, otherwise I would add food recording sheets to the survival guide also.

It's by no means complete. I am sure I will be adding to it as I go along. This is my November and I intend to explore the ways I can best take care of myself. It sounds selfish to say it that way. How I am supposed to take care of the people around me whom I love, if I am not taking care of me though.

I'm hoping also that moving my body more will become easier again. I think most people slack off on their exercise in winter time when they can't go outside anymore. For me it's the opposite. I do pretty well during the cold months. (Cold is a relative term btw) Once the ungodly hot, humid, buggy, awful months show up, I don't go outside anymore. It's too hot. It's too buggy. I've literally been chased back to my house by CLOUDS of mosquitoes. It's disgusting. So with colder temps, I am looking forward to getting back outside, very much.

So tell me, what's in your weight-loss/healthy-living survival guide?


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