Sunday, February 6, 2011

It hurts... the good hurt.

My whole body is killing me. My legs especially are feeling the most pain. Yesterday I walked for something like seven hours.

Yesterday My husband, my best friend and her mother and I all went to the Ren Fest. It was one of the most amazing fun times I have had in a long time. I actually usually have no trouble at all getting into character at these things, but yesterday was an exception to that rule. The accent wouldn't come, the in character wittiness wouldn't come and it all didn't matter. It was jst so much fun to walk walk walk and look at all of the shops and especially with someone who hadn't been in so long. (S's Mother)

Next year we'll be all going again and bringing S's little boy which will be so amazing also!

So, I even had a few triumph moments.

First of all, I walked for something like seven hours. Secondly, I refused free donuts!! I ate half a giant turkey leg and I did eat a whole soup in a bread bowl. That was probably a bit cal heavy, but I do the ren fest once a year or so. Hubby and I each got our own, but next year we'll probably split one because it was reall yhuge. It was bigger than I anticipated it being. Then we had decided it was alright to get a funnel cake. By the end of the day I decided I just didn't really need a funnel cake. (They are huge ethere) So instead on the way out we got a fresh scone with strawberries and whip cream on it and we split that. So I am really proud of yesterday.

I got souvenirs! (I also got some awesome pictures) Since I am moving I wanted to make sure that I didn't bring home 'STUFF'. So I got a decoration for my hair and a hisp scarf that jingles. I do love wearing things in my hair so I will get a lot of use out of that, and the hip scarf is for dressing up my jeans and also for when I practice my belly dance DVD. The instructor says to ear a hips scarf so you know if you're doing the hip movement enough. If you don't do it hard enough to get a jingle, you're doing something wrong.

My husband got a couple of new pieces for his outfit. I'm so glad! He's wanted to start working on his outfit for years. Now he's finally getting the chances. It's awesome. :D

So that was yesterday. Tons of walking, good food choices. I'm a happy girl!


Martha Susan Parham Dambrell said...

Your FB pictures were so cute! So glad to see you all getting out and having so much fun. Congrats on keeping the positive mindset while you were there! YAY!

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