Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hello There! I've had a blogging epiphany. I don't blog well when I have nothing to talk about. Surprising ey?

So I am working on a structure, and a plan to give myself something to write about each day. The more in touch I am with my goals, the more success I have. This blog is a 'tangible' way I stay in touch with my goals and with you readers!

So starting the second week in March or so, there 'SHOULD' be daily blogs. I would start sooner, but I am going to be away without internet access.

Exciting things coming!


Fat Girl vs. World said...

I think it's important to have something to say in a blog (versus some of the blogs that are just a recounting of calories/food logs, etc.). But more importantly, it should be full of truths and honesty. It should be a reflection of your process.

Crystal said...

I agree with you. I also need it to be fun for me. :) It's a huge motivational factor for me and it's always something that has helped me stay in the moment, and on task. I like blogging because it helps me both feel connected to what I am doing, and also allows me to have fun with the weightloss when it might not seem so fun at the time. After all, I'm inventing the zombie avoidance weight loss plan here. ;)

Martha Susan Parham Dambrell said...

Looking forward to your new emphasis... I love the blog 'lift' I get from both the writing and the reading.

Crystal said...

Thank you! Me too. I'm going away on the 28th. The new blogging will begin as soon as I get back.

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