Monday, March 7, 2011

Mileage Monday

Hello Hello Hello! Glad to see you are still here. Does everyone remember when I said I would be unveiling my new blogging plan? Today is the first day of my new plan. Ta-Da! Shade your eyes, its all sparkly and new and I would hate to blind you. I'm still experimenting on whether or not Zombies can be blinded. The Jury is still out on that one.

Last week I went on a cruise. It was amazingly fun and I really needed the break from all things stressful going on at home. It really was rejuvinating. I did notice how bogged down I felt again once I got home. So I am once again reminded of how I really need to get moving and get things done. I can't just sit here and stagnate. But back to the cruise for a moment (don't I wish). As it turns out... on a cruise ship there are MIRRORS... EVERYWHERE.

I learned I have fat in places I didn't even know I had. Depressing.

But I also learned that I can look absolutely fabulous. Because I did. Oh yes! But I want to look better. I want to feel better. I've also come to realize I am going to be absolutely honest about things here. So if you don't want honesty, you don't want to be reading this blog. I've not worked out consistently in ages. AGES I tell you. I'm staying ahead of the zombies purely because they haven't the motor skills to tie their own shoelaces!

My good friend Robby runs a challenge called go the distance. I've been interested in it for a while but not really willing to commit to it just yet. But I've decided to do a personal challenge that is a bit more casual. So on Mondays I will be reporting my Mileage progress.

Small attainable goals that lead into larger ones. I'm all about that right now.

I want to WILL have walked three miles by Monday 3/14.

And remember!!!!


Anonymous said...

Something that really helped get me moving is buying a pedometer. Seeing how sedentary I was and realizing that I needed to be taking 10,000 steps a day really helped me obtain a daily goal that lead to me walking 3.2 miles at least 3 times a week. Might be something to at least try, you can get one at WalMart for as cheap as $2. Good luck getting up and moving!!!

Crystal said...

Actually, I wear a body bugg and it tracks steps for me! Thanks for the suggestion. I definitely need to keep better track of my daily movement. But that is in part what this is all about. :D I have a small route in my neighborhood that is 1 mile. So if I am not at the gym (which I hope to be) I can use that as my reference along with my steps taken!

Sandelightful said...

This is great! I can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

Crystal said...

Thanks! New post tomorrow!

Fat Girl vs. World said...

Hon -- GTD will be here when you're ready for it :P

Crystal said...

I know it will! I'm just having a bit of a commitment thing right now I think. I am overcoming it though. :D

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