Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Wildcard

Today is Sunday and that means it's wildcard day. I might choose a topic from any other day of the week to revisit, or choose another of those headings to write about. Today I'm going to be talking about what is on my mind, like Thursdays.

Courtesy - noun - excellence of manners or social conduct; polite behavior.

I feel a general lack of courtesy is a huge problem with this country. It is CERTAINLY a huge problem with my neighbors.

Is it so much to ask that one not play their music so loudly that the bass permeates my entire house? The alarm clock didn't wake me up today, but the BASS did. This gets me so incredably angry that I am having trouble containing myself on the the subject. A little background.

I cannot handle people's bass. It sounds silly, and most people don't understand. But base that I can feel through my house and in my chest makes me physically ill. I will literally be sick but worst of all, it triggers my Flight response. All I can think about is running away from the feeling.. from the 'noise'. I can't sit. I can't think. I can't eat... all I can do is try to figure out how to make it stop.

I don't even know which house the music is coming from because I can't hear that part. But I can feel their freaking bass throughout my entire person. There isn't a room in the house I can escape too... We've called the police before when it got so bad that hubby had to take me away from the house because I was just ill. But it always ends up that when the cop is actually here, there isn't any music playing so who knows where it is coming from. I don't live in a traditional neighborhood, but I am surrounded by farms and dirt road communities.

How can you be such an asshat as to think the entire damn world needs to hear YOUR music.

I hope these people are slow... Go on and fiddle with your damn loud music and your freaking AWFUL BASS... zombies love slow food.


Sandelightful said...

*really big hugs*
I very much understand.

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