Monday, August 29, 2011


It’s motivational Monday here on the zombie blog. I was searching for something to write about today and thinking about what has been keeping me motivated lately. As you know, if you have been reading along, I recently fell off the wagon, dusted myself off, and got right back on. This is the point, in previous attempts and losing weight and getting healthy, where I would have quit. I didn’t quit though. I simply learned from the experience and kept on going.

Why? What is different this time? A couple of things are different. The first is, I just feel more committed than I did before. It’s not that I don’t want to look awesome, or get my fertility under control, because I do. Mostly though, I want to live and be healthy. The second thing, is that there is a horde of the undead chomping at my heels if I slow down. That will keep anyone moving, believe me! I don’t want to become one of those mindless eating machines that shuffles through life single mindedly looking for the next meal! Besides, you never get invited to the good parties when you’re a zombie.

The most important difference though, is a solid support system though. This time, there are other people on the journey with me who are as committed as I am. My best friend got me started because she was already doing Weight Watchers and it was working very well for her. Her mother, who is another awesome lady is doing it too and finding success! I started the program and fell in love with it. It works. Soon after I started, I was able to get my husband going on the program. It’s working for him too.

My journey has been made easier by having someone who lives with me and goes through the same eating minefield that I do every day. My parents, whom we live with, are about as far away from us on the eating spectrum as you can get. It’s a challenge to open the cupboards and the freezer on a daily basis and be bombarded with things you aren’t going to eat. That doesn’t mean they still aren’t tempting. I don’t fault them for this, or anyone else for that matter. Just as I don’t assume they will try and change the way I eat, I’m not going to make them change the way they eat. Of course I want them to be healthy, but I have enough to say on this matter that I am going to save it for another post.

The heart of the matter is, my husband and I fell off the wagon together, and we jumped back on together. When I shed tears because I was disappointed in myself he wiped them away and reminded me of all of the tremendous victories I’ve had so far. My best friend showed me how easy it was to dust yourself off and keep going when she had a few days that set her back on the scale, and she told me how proud she was for gaining a little weight and getting right back to it. We are all about self sufficiency today. But trust me when I tell you, for something this big, you need a group to unify around you. You will need them, and they will need you. I’m not afraid to rely on those closest to me for help with this journey, and I hope they all know that I am here for them also.


Remember, the zombies have a united front. You should too!


Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

That's right! Wagons don't go that fast. So jumping back on isn't impossible. :)

Sandelightful said...

I absolutely love this!

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

Hey Crystal,

I think your blog is great and I'm passing on an award to you. :)

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