Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am back from the land of sun, and fattening food. Actually, I didn't really go anywhere. This past weekend was the tri annual family reunion. Let me tell you, if the zombies had invaded there would have been a brain buffet! While there weren't corn dogs, per say, they were plenty of other fattening treats to make you stop and say MMM... and then be munched by the mindless undead.

However, with the heat and the blazing sun, perhaps they might have baked to ... undeath?... in their tracks. I mean, I reapplied sunblock all day long like you are supposed to and I got burnt to a crisp! However, that huge blister I had on my foot that was perhaps the impending zombie plague coming to claim me, is not completely gone. It had healed, and the rough stones of the patio and pool exfoliated it to soft wonderful newness! I just can't move my shoulders now. HA...

But today or tomorrow marks my return to the gym. It was going to be today, but I am having shooting pains down my right leg and it's pretty painful to do anything right now. I;m afraid to check the scale, but I also want to know what kind of damage I did. So off I go to scare the pants off myself, and then hopefully motivate me to push through the pain and get moving.


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