Sunday, May 22, 2011

A day out

Today my wonderful husband and I went for a picnic at Rainbow Springs state park. It was lovely. The entire time we were eating and spending some much needed quiet time together.

After lunch, we had planned to walk a couple of miles through the park. However, it was just too hot. We did about 30 minutes of walking even though we were there for much longer. But we had to take frequent breaks because of the heat.

We got our lunch at Walmart. We picked up a sub to share, a package of strawberries, about 1.4 pound of fresh green beans and a lovely papaya! Oh, a cucumber too. We packed it all up in my basket and headed out.

Now, however, I am so frustrated because I really thought I would have no trouble finding the sub online. But apparently, nope. No nutritional information at all. So it is very difficult to track my points for the day.

Also, I broke one of my own cardinal rules. I was feeling a bit on the fat side earlier in the week. So I weighed in early. I was down an additional 2 lbs which is awesome. But when I do that, I obsess. So I weighed in this morning again… and NOT down those additional 2 lbs. It’s so stupid. I know that body weight can change drastically during a day. My weigh is in tomorrow.. you know the official one… and I had this huge half of a sub that I can’t track. So I am just feeling frustrated with myself at the moment.

Also… lesson learned. No early weigh ins. They make me crazy.


Sandelightful said...

Just track the individual ingredients, or do a subway sub, it may not be exact, but it'll be close enough. :)

Glad you had such a lovely picnic!

I hear you about the sneak-a-peak weigh ins. They make me crazy too. I've been doing so well not doing them...but I snuck one this now I am wondering (read: obsessing) what tomorrow will bring...

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

I feel ya! I just don't like to be surprised at my WW meeting. I need to know ahead of time. I'm sure it will go great tomorrow.

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