Friday, October 8, 2010


Hello out there my intrepid followers. Thanks for sticking with me during that radio silence. Sometimes, when there is no where to run, you just need to hunker down in a hiding spot. If you've been avoiding the corndogs, you shouldn't smell toooo appetizing and the zombies might just pass you by.

As it turns out, I've been hit with a case of LIFE HAPPENS. Things have been really stressful, and kind of painful. I just haven't been in a good place to talk about it. So I'm not going to. Not right now anyway.

But I am still progressing. I've lost another pound.. HURRAY!!! And I am still working on not turning to ice cream and potato chips for my comfort. I don't always make it. I'm working on it though. Also, being down a pound is an accomplishment as there were a great many parties filled with wonderful foods. I have done well.

How about you? Are you still doing well? Where is your hiding spot when the zombies get too close and there is no where to run?


Brigitte said...

Hugs Crystal! I hope things are beginning to look up. I've missed you in blogosphere!

Crystal said...

Hi Brigitte!! Things are looking up a little. I hope it continues. I've missed blogging! It seriously motivating, not to mention I love being connected to everyone. I'm happy to be back. :D

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