Sunday, October 17, 2010

Picking up the pieces

Okay... so I didn't get out and walk yesterday. Yesterday ended up being really rough, emotional, and teary. However, I have come through the storm, and here I am.

It's funny you know... emotions are so tied to weightloss, even more than I understood before. With everything that is going on, and I know I have been pretty vague to a degree, I find the only thing I can concentrate on is keeping it together from one moment to the next.

I did some thinking though, and I have concluded that concentrating on doing well for my body will give my brain something positive to concentrate on. So I will be restarting my efforts to really lose this weight. The zombies are getting closer, I can see them out of the corners of my eyes. Stupid Zombies.

Though, in a way, I think the demons that have been floating around lately are keeping them at bay. Not for long though... Zombies love slow food. I need to get moving...

Where is my water bottle!?


Sandi said...

And, you may not believe it, but you have just accomplished something heroic, something you have never done before! You are starting NOW, regardless of how you feel, regardless of what has been going are going to focus on being healthy! Rock on you awesome Goddess you! Those stupid zombies don't stand a chance!


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