Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beating the 'Oh Blah'

I just read on another blog, all of the health benefits of walking. I love this news! This is fantastic news. As it turns out, I love to walk! To gain these awesome health benefits, one only need to walk about an hour a day. Awesome! I can walk an hour a day! To gain these awesome benefits one only need walk at a 4 miles an hour pace...


Excuse me?

The blog goes on to say that walking at this pace is not hard.

Umm for who?

Walking at a brisk pace for me is a 2.5 to a 3... I RUN at a 3-3.5... I run at a pace slower than people walk for fitness. Oh bother...

Needless to say, I feel kind of deflated after that. I mean I know comparing myself to another person is not helpful. How do you stop doing it though?

How do you handle the 'Oh Blah' of feeling deflated?

On a slightly different note, my anniversary was amazing as I knew it would be. I love being married, I love my husband and I love spending time with him. We went out to eat and I didn't track what I ate, I just had a good time. Now it's back to the Y and back on track and I am okay with that.

I didn't see a loss this week despite how hard I am working and working out. I'm kind of okay with that too right now. We're in a tight situation and to make the budget stretch there has been a lot of pasta, and ramen and other very inexpensive but not super nutritious foods. This will probably continue until next month when we (hopefully) will have some money again. So, maintaining for a very light weight gain... I guess means I am doing okay.

We all deal with the obstacles we're given in the best way we can at the time right? I haven't stopped trying. I'm still working and still struggling to make it. That means I am still winning.


Midori Mighty Warrior said...

Happy Anniversary :)

Crystal said...

Thank You!!

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