Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1

Happy New Year fellow bloggers. I know everyone makes new year resolutions to get healthy and lose weight. I'm not that different. However, I think I shall instead resolve to stay ahead of the zombies long enough to work this butt off.

I have learned a lot over the last couple of months of inactivity. Chief among them is that there are times in which I need to disconnect and spend time taking care of the me on the inside. I also know that I miss being connected when I am going through those times. So I hope you are still out there and reading this. Afterall, big life changes are always easier with support right?

Life changes. Well my life will certainly be going through some changes. The foreclosure is trudging it's way along and we have already started packing so we can be out of the house in February. February will also mark my 30th birthday. I had envisioned where I would be by this point differently. But that is alright. There are a lot of things in my life that are good and that I am thankful for. I hold onto those things.

I've learned too that for a while at least, this wont be easy. I've had my chances where everything fell into place and the weight melted off. All I had to do was keep going. I never did though. I let small things get in the way and look like big things. But most of all, I got lazy. I let lazy get in the way. Do you know what happens when you get lazy and there are Zombies behind you? I bet you can figure it out. So I can't do that anymore. I have come to realize this is going to be real work. I'm not going to want to do it sometimes. In the beginning, I might not even want to do it most of the time. You know what though? I really don't want to die young from some preventable disease, or continue to be infertile because of the excess weight.

I don;t want my husband to travel down the same fattening road I have been down. I want to know that this is the year we get his diabetes under control. You know what I fear more than the Zombies... losing him. We all know that doing it alone is hard. Well getting healthy in a household alone is really hard. So we realize we have to go this road together.

I know there was more to say... but it's late and I'm getting tired. Those Portuguese vampires come out at night and I need to be safe in bed to keep them at bay. So lets part with some numbers.



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