Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3 Personal Challenge

I an avoiding doing that -thing-. You know that thing where you are excited and make a bunch of changes all at once and get over excited with promises to yourself that you make and then can't keep because you did it all at once...? Yeah, that -thing-.

So I am not doing that. I am working on several small goals and one big one.

Small goals consists of:

Journaling once a day
Drinking 64 oz of water a day
Staying within calorie range a day

My mid term goal is to drop 12 pounds in 12 weeks.

My long term goal is to build healthy habits and FEEL and BE in control of my eating.

If you notice, only one of them is directly weight loss related. I think this is important. You need things to concentrate on to work on overall health (mental and physical) to really move forward and make progress.

I think these are all reasonable. And more importantly, I am setting myself up for success. So tell me, what are your short, medium and long term goals?


Katie said...

Awesome, I'm trying to pace myself with all the things I want to do. Make small progress towards them each day.

I get overwhelmed thinking about the big picture, but I keep telling myself just do one thing each day to work towards your over all goals.

I haven't exactly worked put short, medium and long term goals (I guess I have some direction, but I haven't planned it completely) I'm working on it :)

Crystal said...

I used to ignore all goals instead of long term goals. I really encourage you to set some for yourself. I was surprised by how much momentum I was unconsciously building having smaller milestones to aim for!

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