Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17

I haven't recorded all of my food yet today, but I know I am within calories. Also, I drank all of my water yesterday. I think I am finally finding my way back on the wagon. I don't even have anything to blame the last slip on. I just became overwhelmed with life. I seriously need to get over myself sometimes. I stress way too much. I have enough going on that is actually stressful and worthy of being stressed over that I need to let the rest of it just ride and simply do what needs to be done. The concept is not hard.

Also, today was a weigh in day. Do you know, I completely forgot? This is exciting! It means that for once, I was not obsessing over the scale and what it might say. I'm trying to lose 12lbs in 12 weeks as my first weight loss goal. My first weigh in saw me three pounds up... not good. So I totally freaked out and as a result emotional eating ensued. But this week I have just been trying to chill out and THINK about what I am eating before I eat it. It's been a good experience so far.

Some Progress Markers...

When cooking dinner I refrained from snacking. I reminded myself I was making food, and that I would have to record anything I snacked on. It wasn't worth the effort.

I have now realized the soda I was drinking on occasion does in fact contain caffeine, so when this box is gone, I am giving up soda again. I am not upset about this.

I MISS being active and walking. Tomorrow is date day. We're going to a movie (possibly). Trying out a new restaurant, responsibly... AND... Going walking. It's part of our date and we're happy about this. SUCCESS.


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Good Job! Hope you had a wonderful Date! :)

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