Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16 & Blog Hop

Today's Quote..
"Patience is the key to paradise."

- Turkish proverb

I lost my patience last night. I just found myself feeling very frustrated with myself and my lack of progress. We all go through that at times though don't we? But my hubby stood me back on my feet and gave me a pretty good talking to. Everything I am trying to do, I have done before. I've lost probably all the weight I need to if you add up all the times I have started and stopped. I can do this. I have just not been making the best choices for myself. I am falling victim to the zombie in charge of instant gratification. That is the one that make you feel good at the moment by falling behind you so you think you are getting away. What you then don't notice is the whole horde of them that have taken the short cute and are about to jump you and eat your brains.

Heh.. not a good zombie to hang out with.

So I have attempted to recommit myself today. I recorded all my food even though I was sure I was going to go over in calories. I haven't. Close, but I haven't gone over. I'm going to work extra hard to make sure I get all of my water in tonight and go from there. I'ld like to be able to put a little number 1 up. It would make me feel really good.


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