Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2

Slight setback today. I went over calories. Oh well. It's only the second day. You know what did it? Dessert. I do not plan to have dessert every day. The funny thing was, it was cookies. I had four. As I was finishing the fourth one, I told my husband that I should have stopped after two. The second one didn't taste as good as the first one, and the last one surely didn't. If I had stopped after 2, I would be in range also...

But I am not going to beat myself up over it either. Before I go to bed I will check my calories burned. But I know it's going to be higher than yesterday. Progress right there!

I have a couple of crazy packed days coming up but I'm getting ready to start exercising again. I know it sounds funny to need to get ready to do it. I'm just moving things around because I am prioritizing exercising. I mostly miss walking. But I know, just like last time, as soon as I get back into walking I am going to miss the gym. So I'm going to get an updated class schedule and work in a Zumba class once or twice a week along with the walking. Then I'll get back to the elliptical.

It's funny. I know it's going to be hard this time, but atleast I am still looking forward to the actual working out. I'm not looking forward to the drive, expecially once it gets hot outside, but I do miss moving.

My knees have been really troublesome. I think it's because of the extra weight creeping on, and a touch of arthritis. But there are other things... It's hard to tie my shoes. It's hard to put pants and socks on. I just can't move. I hate that feeling. Despite always being over weight I have been proud of my flexability. I am losing it! I can't do the things I used to. I need to get that back. I feel like I am losing a piece of myself.

And I think it's worth saying it. One of my main goals continues to be... I want to be in control of food instead of it being in control of me. I actually felt a little bit tonight like I was getting a handle on that despite being over on calories. There is progress already, and I am really excited about what tomorrow brings.

Calories in: 2125
Calories out: 2344
H2O in: 8c


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